Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Stupa in Saybrook

One of the things I love about Geocaching is the way it show me nearby places I never knew about. 
This a nifty place. The sign says that it is preserved jointly through The Saybrook Land Trust, State of Connecticut, and Town of Old Saybrook. It appears to be an old farm, and still is, sort-of.
This thing stores "Farm Market" signs, near the small parking area. While we were applying anti-tick measures, a guy in a truck stopped by & was friendly. We think he is the "farmer.
A stroll down the road at the right showed interesting gardens. Most of the fencing, etc, appeared to be recycled materials, such as plumbing pipe. It had a friendly, funky feeling.
Hand-painted signs with friendly messages:

Further down the road, it gets really interesting. This is a building built of hay bales. It appears to be stuccoed-over. We pondered the building technique..
 The place had kind of an interesting take on private/public. It seemed that we could wander around what would "normally" be "off limits" freely, yet a few places were fenced. 
This was great. It  is an outhouse, but it took me a while to figure out the meaning of the sign. We figured that it meant that "guys", as in literally "men" should pee in the woods, and save the outhouse for Seated Use. :D
On through the woods to the cache. Very nice, well-cleared trails, and interesting trees.

The cache was nicely placed, overlooking a small, pretty lake that I never knew existed. We checked out the Stupa:
I couldn't seem to find a way to take a good photo of this. The field is foot-tall grass, dotted with buttercups and lilies, with a few paths mowed. It looks like a great place for something : Music Festival? Craft Show? 
Prayer flags:

Across the field, more evidence of Old Farm Homestead:
Neat Day!

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