Friday, April 28, 2017

Done and Launched

I decided to break with tradition and try it out at Long Pond instead of the usual spot. It actually stopped raining today!
Weighed in at a svelte 39 lbs, and looked pretty sleek sitting on the grass. I gave it a go around the pond, trying to see if it was biased in either direction, and it doesn't seem  to be. I discovered, to slight embarrassment, that I had no place to attach the paddle leash. 
Interesting: I thought it might be silly to install a skeg on a boat like the Outer Island, but it seems effective, even on this boat.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


I know I skipped a couple of steps: sanding and varnishing. These went routinely. I might have done a better job at these, but after all the builds, and refinishes, I' less fussy than I used to be. I know what it will look like after use, and I know I'll be varnishing it every year.
I decided that the only thing I want to mount on the foredeck is a GPS, so rather than to install deck webbing and contrive a way to hold the GPS, I broke down & bought a deck mount. I found an appropriate piece of foam for a gasket, and bolted it to the deck.
Deck rigging. I happened to put the aft hatch a little farther forward than usual, because I wanted to avoid interfering with the skeg. I was left with just enough room for the deck webbing.
I made the skeg control knob by laminating three pieces of lexan, left over from the skeg.
Toggle. The line isn't really manila.