Sunday, June 19, 2011


Yesterday, paddled from just above Bull's Bridge to Kent Village. A nice quiet stretch of flatwater, between two areas of rapids.
They watch the river ice?
 The Kent School. La Di Da.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Meet At The Beach

Went to Bluff Point today , to Nick Shade's "Meet At The Beach". A very nice time! Eastern Mountain Sports was also demoing their kayaks, along with Chesapeake Light Craft. There were demo kayaks, builder's kayaks, and visitor's kayaks just about everyplace a kayak could fit, by the boat launching area.

As I expected, it was also a "demo day" for CLC. I got to test a Night Heron, which I was considering building. I liked it, but I actually think my Shearwater is faster. They also had some exotic models: a high-speed "Mystery" and the "Aleutesque". 
I got many compliments on my Kayak build ;).  I had originally wondered if the whole thing would be full of gorgeous, strip-built showpieces, and while there were a few, the mood was actually much more "come-one-come-all".

One of the skin-on-frame jobs.

Met some nice people. Home-built kayaks are good conversation pieces.