Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fairing The Hull

After completing the stripping on the bottom, I decided to try and fair the hull before starting the deck. I had more reason to regret the cove & bead joinery.  I resorted to wooden splinters and dookie filler. It all came out rather poorer. I think, than if I had used beveled strips instead. So....
I decided to cut off all the coves & beads on my remaining strips, and finish the deck without them. I know how to do it that way.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Filling In The Bottom

I miscalculated the "overage" needed for the bottom, and ran out cedar strips that "came out good". In the meantime, I got much better at making through-the-thickness scarf joints, and decided to quit trying for full-length strips. I finally managed to get the wood re-sawn, planed, and jointed to uniform strips slightly over 1/4" in thickness. 
Then, the Power Supply went on my computer. With two holidays and a snowstorm, I was without it for a whopping 13 days. In some ways, it was a good experience, forcing me to budget time differently.
 Even when heat-bending the strips, I had to resort to this type of thing in the stern area, to keep the strips on the forms. This definitely would have been easier without the cove-and-bead joints.
The same pattern as my last build-stripping down from the keel line to meet the strips from the sheerline. I had more occasions to curse the ferslhugginer coves and beads. I tried hard to get good joints on the tapered ends, but when finished, was dissatisfied, so went for the cut-out spline thing again.
Cutting out the channel is the hard part. 16' is a long way with a razor saw. 

This may have come out a little better than last year, but I still have some gaps. 

Starting the stem work. Lots of shaping & smoothing to do.