Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Stripping The Hull

During the weather-induced solitary confinement of The Big Blizzard, I had the opportunity to put quite a few strips down. 

Of course, I stressed about the alignment of the forms, and moved a couple, but I also realized that every kayak I built in this small basement looked crooked while I was building it.
I used only one "cheater" strip, in the bow. I found that the bow & stern curves were not too extreme to deal with, and in a way, were actually helpful-more twisting & clamping, but less beveling of the strips at the bow & stern.
None of the boards I worked with are full length. I have to scarf two strips together to make a full-length strip. I actually find this easier than handling a bunch of 19' strips.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Strongback & Stripping

As stated earlier, I firmly decided on a Ladderback, after building the cape on an internal. The last time I used a Ladder, I had used a very straight & level 2 x 6. This time, I used a 2 x 4. It was not absolutely straight, and the whole arrangement isn't quite level. I figured that as long as everything was plumb & level to the the stringline, it would be O.K-but it looked bad when set up!
When I actually started stripping, it looked normal. I used only two cheater strips in the stern (so far) and none in the bow.