Monday, August 19, 2013

Return To Knight Island

Its becoming a Yearly Routine. Its just challenging and far-away enough to be limited to a yearly ritual.
Same campsite same Resident Ranger, new kayak. It seems as though the Parks Department has slipped a bit. When I arrived at the Ranger House, there was a makeshift dock made of three submerged picnic tables. He wasn't home, so I went to my campsite. He arrived there shortly driving-get this-a small pay loader. That's what they gave him to ride, instead of an ATV.  There was no firewood at my site, and I had to go back to the Ranger Station on foot, get a cart, and scrounge for fire wood.
There was a gibbous moon last night, so I actually could see what I was doing. No raccoons! Maybe they prefer it darker. Tent sleeping still doesn't really agree with me, so I was up at dawn, after fitful rest. However I got too see and photograph something cool:
With a clear view, miles across the lake, I got to see the actual disc of the Sun rise over the horizon. It comes up fast!
The conditions for the  paddle back to North Hero were nearly as rough as the first time, but it didn't stress me at all,either because:
A. My new 'yak  handles rough water better
B. My rough-water skills have improved
C. I was mentally prepared for  it
D. All Of The Above.
I tend to think it was 60% "A", and 40 % "B"
On to Burlington for breakfast. I was thinking that I wanted a hearty meal in a classic diner, drove around a little, and found exactly that.
I have a bit of a "thing' for neon signs with letter missing. at night, this is "y's DINER"
It was one of those real diners, where the counter requires a step up, and the curved ceiling is three feet over your head. 
I also happened to stop off in Barre, and followed the signs to the Rock Of Ages Quarry. Not quite what I expected. I didn't expect that I'd have to pay for a tour on a school bus to see it, so I didn't.