Thursday, September 24, 2015

New Things

For various reasons, I decided to donate Outer Island II to a nonprofit organization.
I was in a stressed-out condition for most of the time I was working on it, and it was not my best work.  I somehow managed to feel rushed & driven while working on it, instead of relaxing & having fun. In the end, I just didn't like it.
That being said, I'm using my trusty Outer Island I many times this summer, as usual repeating my favorite trips. 
However, that does not mean that I'm not going to build another kayak! I'm still looking for a smaller "go-to" boat. I looked at Vaclav's Cape Ann Storm LT as a possibility. At 16', even the designer recommends the use of a skeg. I posted a question on the Guillemot message board, and got the usual flurry of responses, and it got me psyched up for another build.
Sometimes, I start a build with a detail, like the carrying handles. This time I ordered Nick Schade's (50 page!) plans for a home made skeg box. 
I guess this qualifies as The Start Of A Build, so here we go! Its only September, I can take my time this time.