Monday, July 29, 2013

Selden Neck-A Hot Summer

I had planned to camp here on 7-19, bu it was brutally hot, and I couldn't see myself spending the night in a tent. I hiked and looked for geocaches until the heat got to me, then I jumped in the river.
Returning in the early morning on a cooler day.

The hiking here is a little rough. Lightly-used trails marked a bit more sparsely than usual. Lots of knee-deep ferns, which hid obstacles and held lots of morning dew. I DNF'ed  a couple of caches simply because the underbrush was too tough.

The trails were so lightly used, in fact, that many webs were spun right across the marked trail. I unfortunately barged right through a couple of these.

I found this meadow right about in the center of the island. Seems to be the site of an old residence.

Several very old White Oak trees. 

I got a few more caches this time, but got tired & soaked with dew. I am starting to realize why people go caching more often in the winter.