Saturday, December 20, 2014

Starting The Build

I have decided not to put too much personal stuff about myself in this blog, so I'll just say that my health has improved enough that I'm motivated to start work. I figure that y'all are mainly interested in an upbeat blog about Wood 'n Water, so I'll skip the "Like sad and weepy part of our story-ory, my droogs" and get to it. :)
After having tried both, I'm glad to be using an external strongback. I made the I-beam of a 2x4 and a 2x6. I thought the old stands were rickety, so I made new ones of a different design:
Nice & solid.
Wood. I considered trying redwood, was talked out of it, went for Cedar and Basswood. Again, I found it difficult to resaw the "3/4" boards and get a good two 1/4" pieces, even with a thin-kerf rip blade, so I ended up planing them down to 3/16". I remember that this will cause problems with some of the fancy curves, but I have a while to figure it out...
Basswood was a surprise. In previous builds, I contrasted the cedar with pine, which was nice, but the wood tends to mellow down in color to almost the same tone as the cedar. The basswood is white. It has a rather nondescript grain-so much so, that I was able to plain-saw the boards. Some of it shows a little iridescence, like maple. Inexpensive, too, I laid in a healthy stack of strips for $30.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Outer Island II

I knew I'd build another kayak this winter.
My Original Plan was: to build the Cape Ann, use it, and the Outer Island, then decide which one to keep. However, my summer was disrupted with health issues, and after having used the Cape only a few times, I decided that I never really liked it much. Its a good kayak, however, I didn't visualize its dimensions accurately for my needs. I thought it would be my "small-go-to-weekday-boat", but in fact, it was larger in volume and heavier than the O.I.  I just sold it via Craig's List.
Now that I have the room, I'll build another O.I, this time to the design length. I still have the station forms from the last build, and I won't deal with building techniques I didn't like, such as the internal strongback, and bead-and-cove stripping.