Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Interior Hull Work

I fiber glassed the cockpit interior today. While it was much easier the second time, it was still kind of a fussy job. I believe that the last time, I definitely left too much epoxy on, so this time, I made sure to use the minimum for the 1st coat. I'm also glad that I left that 9oz. tape off the bottom puzzle joint. 
After reading a lot about the "Pastry Bag Method" of distributing the thickened epoxy in the seams, I tried it last build-and had the same problems-bag breaks, wastage, epoxy goes off early, etc. So I used-are you ready for this-a pastry bag! Actually,  it was a cake decorator. I got a bunch of disposable bags (which don't break), and a couple of nozzles. Total cost: $4, and works great.

I had originally wanted to use end blocks instead of end pours, but the intersection of the shear clamps would have made it complicated. I went to West Marine, and got a container of "microbaloons". $12 for a can of tiny plastic bubbles. I mixed them into the epoxy to a "toothpaste consistency", and used scraps of mini cell foam wrapped in saran as dams.
The stuff got decidedly warm as it cured, and expanded  visibly.

I painted the interior of the forward compartment, the location of the lone hatch. 

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