Friday, March 16, 2012

Deck Forms And Shear Clamp

This is a part of the project where it pays to follow the instructions explicitly. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had trouble getting the shear clamp to conform to the curve of the side panel, and overlap the correct amount. I should have tried harder! The instructions also say that "more overlap is better than not enough", or something to that effect. The thing is, that those notches on the inside corners of the temporary deck forms are almost exactly the width of the shear clamp, and if the shear clamp wanders, so do the forms. If I had done a Perfect Job, I'd simply have to put the forms in, and plane the clamp to match the angle of the forms. As I did, I left much too much overlap in the stern, where the angle is low, and not enough near the cockpit, where the angle is high. I had to plane a lot away at the low-angle areas, and glue another piece onto the steep areas. I also had to reduce the height of two of the forms, to make everything line up right.
Finally got it done, and hope it works.

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