Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cunningham Tower

Is located in Mohawk State Forest, Cornwall, CT.  I read about it on a website called "Damned Connecticut, which is mainly concerned with "weird" and "spooky" places. I didn't find it particularly "spooky", and only weird in that it seems to have No Particular Purpose.
 Yes, it does sit there, in the middle of the woods. It was built about 100 years ago, and forest proliferation has probably obscured whatever view there was from the top.  It reminds me of a small version of one of those "Martello Tower" forts. 
Like all good castles, it sports a gargoyle. Actually, nothing about the place itself spooked me, but there was a slight creepiness to the interior, which I'll get to later.
The floor is made of red octagonal tiles. There was about an inch of ice on the floor.
There was once a second & third levels. You can see where there was a spiral stone staircase, but its been broken off. The ground & second floors each have fireplaces.
These thingies are about 50 feet downhill of the tower. I have no idea what they were-maybe supports for some kind of patio?
What are these?
Surprisingly little graffiti-there wasn't much more than this. Not much trash either.
And now, for a bit of weirdness. Someone has placed a board across the fireplace, like a mantel. On it were a neat row of votive candles, and bits of broken crockery. Hmm. I wonder what they do in here? Actually, its not very far from the road, and located in a State Park that's closed after dark.

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