Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mt Tom, CT

I'm obsessed with Towers lately. Especially the type of implausible, impractical, there-for-no-reason, Undedicated Monuments. Mt. Tom is easy to reach, right on RT. 202.

Someone thoughtfully arranged a directional sign of sticks. Not really necessary, there is a well-worn, rocky trail blazed in yellow.
 We paced our out-of-shape selves on the climb. First glimpse through the trees.
Actually, a sign at the foot of the trail said "Tower closed for repair". We couldn't figure out if that meant that the road to the tower (did it go there?) was closed, or that the interior of the the tower was closed. We went for it anyway, and nothing was closed. 
I was hoping for a nifty stone spiral staircase, but no. This wood is indeed in need of some repair, but not yet unsafe. 

Views from the top:

I've seen this type of thing several times, in the woods. At first, it obviously looks like a chimney that's outlasted its house. But oddly, the ground isn't particularly level in front of this, and there's no remnant of a foundation. A fairly tall tree grows right in front of it. The small structure to the left is poured concrete, and in bad condition.

We also took a side trip back to Cunningham Tower, in Cornwall. After checking that out, took the road up to the top of Mohawk Mountain. There are two fancy, modern communications towers, and a very nice view:

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