Saturday, January 14, 2012

Squaw Cave

Its amazing what is called a "cave" in Connecticut. Boulders fall on each other, leaving some sort of space underneath, and it becomes a "cave"  Judge's Cave, Wolf Den, and the cave at Chatfield Hollow are examples. The Rock House in Watertown is large and impressive, Dead Man's Cave on Sleeping Giant is deep, rambling, dark, and spooky, but these aren't true caves. When I read that there are two real caves in Connecticut,, I wanted to check one out.
 This is the hill. even from a distance, you can see that the rock is a little "different'.
 The cliff
 Cave opening. You can clearly see it from RT. 44, including idiotic graffiti. In fact, the cave is less than 50 yards from the road. The interior  is almost completely covered in graffiti, some of it offensive:
 From the inside. This would be a good cave to camp in, it it wasn't sooo close to the road.
 The interior tapers like a tube. A very small spring runs through it.
Like just about every geological feature in places where "geological features" are fairly rare, this place has a Legend. Google for it, I won't bore you with it here...
And, like most interesting features which are unlucky enough to be located close to populated areas, certain people feel the need to make their "mark" on it. Its as if they want to erase any "primeval" or "natural" aspect, and force the place into civilization. A small & neat carving of a name or initials, with a date, might actually be cool, for the future- " I wonder who "J.D. was? And he really was here way back in  2012?"- but Sloppy Racist Spray Paining doesn't cut it...

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