Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Scene of the Goof

This is my second attempt at taping the bow compartment. The first time I did, I noticed after 3 days, that the epoxy was still tacky. I attribute the blunder to a mixing error. I had decided that it was cool to mix epoxy by weight so I bought a cheap gram scale on ebay.  It was cheap for a reason: it is psychotic. It had a strange habit of jumping up to some random number after weighing the desired amount. It was late at night, so I "believed" it, and tried to add hardener to compensate.....
Sent a "help me" e-mail to CLC, and they gave suggestions for cleanup, after hours of work with a hair drier, scraper, and denatured alcohol, I got most of the goop off. I have since started using the metering pumps  that came with the kit. I got good mixes by using the pumps as directed, but Then I tried an experiment. I figured out how to avoid my gram scale's weird habits, and weighed one pump each from the resin & hardener pumps. One pump of resin=2.5 grams.One pump of hardener=2 grams! Not exactly 2:1, is it? Wes was right,The pumps are off.

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