Thursday, March 24, 2011

Its Technically A Boat

The hull & deck wired together, with glue. I had no idea what a tooth-and-nail struggle it would be to get some sections together. You can see stretch tape, and the worktable looking like a Disaster Zone. A helper would have been good. One of the V-shaped supports decided to collapse in the middle of this.
Builders Notes: I found the syringes that CLC provides to be more trouble than they're worth. As soon as I got glue in them, they get "sticky, making it difficult to squeeze out a good "bead". I found it easier just to dab glue in with a small paintbrush. I also used the brush to apply a mini-fillet from the inside, where I could reach. (most places)
I also found that the hatch sills act as an internal brace, making that area of the deck much less flexible for finagleing. I had shaped the sides of the sills "just enough to fit", and used clamp force to make them contact the deck. This made the sides spread out a bit. If I had it to do over, I'd have trimmed them down more, leaving room for putty, and not used so much clamp pressure.

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