Monday, March 28, 2011


Finally started sanding the hull in preparation  for fiberglassing. Its more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Here's the boat, looking like hell-epoxy drips, runs & fingerprints, need some work on the joints, some putty here & there. Then start sanding, and the work slowly becomes "neat". 
My instructions, and many of the comments on Message Boards, seem to treat sanding as a plague: "be careful on this part or you'll HAVE TO SAND later"!I guess it depends on your experience. I'm just on this side of 40 years of woodworking, so I've sanded MANY square yards of wood. However, I was uncomfortable working with fiberglass & epoxy.Epoxy work all seems to be all-or-nothing, one-shot-deal, time-sensitive, but I can sand or stop sanding when I want, do a little at at time, etc. I'm glad to actually be doing some woodworking on my wooden kayak project, and to utilize one of my favorite tools, the Cabinet Scraper.More about that later.

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