Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Finishing The Bottom

Went about the same as usual: center strip of pine, filled in up from the sheerline, and down from the centerline. I found that I'd need somewhat longer external stems than usual, and I had to heat-twist most of strips at the ends.
For the stems, I made a bunch of 1/8" pine strips, heat bending required. I found that enough heat to bend the second strip was enough to melt epoxy and un-glue the first strip so I made a template for pre-bending the strips. We are having a cold snap, and its only 50 degrees in the basement.
It looks like a chubby little kayak.
As expected, the external stems were longer than in other builds. I built them up with four 1/8" strips of pine, but when I shaped them down to fair, I revealed something that I thought they'd cover up. Keel Easy! ;)

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