Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Starting The Deck

After some consideration and consultation, I decided to raise the deck 1", and go with the design Ocean Cockpit. Sometimes, I just have to make up my mind-I can build all the kayaks I want!
Per recommendation, I made form extensions. I also saw that if I kept the same shape on the sides of the extensions, it looked like a "wall" rising up from the sheerline, so I rounded the corners off a little. It seemed that three form extensions were adequate  for a fair deck curve. The 1" lift looks considerable, and it looks like quite a drop down to the rear deck level.

 I joined two 3/8" strips together at the center line. One 3/4" strip looked almost good, but I wanted to bevel slightly on the forms that are curved. The usual array of clamps and tape.

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