Monday, January 28, 2013

More Deck Stripping

This is actually my second "go" at the deck. I removed the few center strips seen in the previous post. I had trouble getting them straight, and they were too thin, anyway.
I milled some new strips. I found lumber that showed a fairly straight grain from the side, and plain-sawed the strips. Much easier than all that re-sawing! I also learned that slightly thicker strips are more "forgiving" in joinery.
The part where the strips curve from the shear to the flat deck is a bear ! I ended up using 3/8" strips, and it seemed to take forever to get the tapering right. I got more practice using the heat gun to bend strips.
I'm finding that its easier to visualize certain things better while in progress, than in advance. For example, the big curve from the foredeck to the after deck looks "impossible" until you begin to do it, then it graduates to "difficult". For this reason, I still haven't decided which cockpit size to use, because I can't visualize how it will look without the wood in place.

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