Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Plans & Projects, Continued

I decided  that I couldn't bring myself to attack the beautiful deck of my kayak with a jigsaw for any reason. so I put a fresh coat of varnish on, and tried to sell it on EBay and CLC's website. Unsatisfactory results on Ebay, and some interest  from a guy on the CLC site, but no sale. Its hanging from the rafters in my basement right now. I decided to build a new SW17 Hybrid, and try to sell the old 'yak in the spring, when people are acually interested in kayaks.
Unfortunately, I also decided to try to mill my own bead-and-cove strips.  After spending over $100 on wood,  generating at least two bags of wood shavings, much table sawing and planing , I realized that I'd planed the strips too thin. I could not cut a strong "cove", no matter how I adjusted the  router. So I now have a significant pile of too-thin cedar strips in my basement. I even managed to wreck my back in the process, somehow. The web page I read about how to do it said to mill the strips "a fraction of an inch thicker than 1/4", but I really think it would have to be almost 1/16' to leave room for a strong coveSo I gave up on the idea, and decided to buy an entire kit this winter.

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