Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Next Plan

So, when we had last left this saga, I had given up on the idea of making my own bead-and-cove strips, because I had planed the strips too thin. However, after more reading, I discovered that you can indeed, build a strip deck without the coves and beads, by planing a "rolling bevel" as necessary, into each strip. You can even plane the strips thinner than 1/4", maybe 3/16 (weight savings). So I'm going to try it that way, challenge myself, get frustrated, learn a bunch along the way, and (hopefully) come out with a good result.
CLC sells bead-and-cove strips of White Cedar and Western Red Cedar. I could not find any decent White Cedar anywhere, but the nice gentleman at Liberty Cedar, after hearing my plans, suggested Alaskan Yellow Cedar. Its very nearly white in color, but it seems very hard & heavy for "cedar".  I'd better use it sparingly, for "accents"

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