Friday, May 4, 2018


Normally the most rewarding & fun part of the build, but I had to exercise patience this time. Just when it seemed like I wasn't making any progress, poof! -I was done!
I tried a new system for the side braces. Instead of gluing in hip plates, I am using foam blocks. I made the seat wider than usual, contoured the foam blocks to fit the kayak, and glued the blocks in a position which (I hope) will hold the seat in place. That gets me out of struggling with velcro strips on the seat and cockpit.
The usual backband.
The usual aft deck rigging and hatch toggles. One thing: I tried to locate the holes for the toggles to totally miss the hatch spacer on the inside, but less of the toggle holds down the hatch. I'm going to add two more toggles to the fore and aft edges of the hatches.
I went for a simple knotted  grab loop, no handle.
I mounted the GPS holder on the foredeck, as on the Outer Island.

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