Friday, April 13, 2018

It Sees The Light Of Day

Winter is determined to hang on this year. Today was the first 60-degree day, so I decided to "go for it", and do some Wet & Dirty Work.
I hauled the Outer Island out of the alley and into the basement, to touch up and complete the skeg repair. It really got through the winter very well, and I'd almost forgotten how pretty it is. I had also forgotten that I had removed the cockpit side brace pads, so now I'll have a chance to redo them. 
I hauled the new 'yak outside, and wet-sanded with #320 and #500 paper. 
I got some Keel Easy strips, mainly to hide a few minor woodworking glitches. I had considered using them on the O. I. too, but it doesn't seem necessary.

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