Saturday, January 14, 2017

Completing The Deck

I (over) bought a new batch of cedar. I also discovered that my new Toyota has absolutely, positively,  no place on which to hook a tie-down at the front or rear of the car! I resorted to making two loops of webbing attached to bolts under the hood & trunk lids. This seems to be the Standard Solution to the problem, but we shall see, come spring...
The second batch of cedar is of a lighter color than the hull batch,  which I hadn't planned on, but I think it will look o.k.
I settled for a couple of narrow basswood strips for accents. I bought a nice veneer inlay for the foredeck.
The Obligatory Whisky Plank Photo-although in this case, its more like a Whiskey Sliver.
Stripping the deck went about as expected-tedious, painstaking work on the half-width strips that make the transition from vertical to horizontal, heat bending strips down to the deck, easy fits on the flatter sections. 
I have also decided to build either a plywood or cove-and-bead cockpit coaming, instead of another molded fiberglass one. I want a plywood rim, because it seems to release the spray skirt more easily.

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