Sunday, November 6, 2016

Starting To Strip

I got some basswood, and made a series of thin strips: the keel, the sheer lines, and, since its been long enough to forget what a P.I.T.A. it was, waterline strips. I originally wanted to use Pawlonia for these, but after journeying to New Hampshire, I was disappointed in the quality-all the boards looked like they had been water-stained.
After putting these strips on, the 3/4" thick forms now feel rock-solid. I tried extending the keel strip along the bow & stern forms-I somehow have the feeling it will "help" somehow.
I put up the "outrigger" boards, using three good-sized pine boards across the box beam, giving me a much more solid platform to work the strips on.
At the lumberyard, the cedar boards which had the "look" I wanted happened to be 16 and 19 feet long. I spent a long, hard day resawing and surface planing them outside, ran out of daylight, and finished the job indoors. They are 3/16" thick by 5/8" wide. According to my calculations, I have enough for the job, but they don't look like enough. I may have to get "creative" on the deck.
I decided to work on the stems while the bottom is still being stripped. I found some old pieces of cypress wood, that were provided for sheer clamps in my Shearwater Hybrid kit. 

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