Friday, June 10, 2016


Normally the easiest & most fun part of the build, this  was where the mistakes-to-be-corrected kicked in.
First, the parts that went well: I got the skeg control cable in place, and it actually does what its supposed to do! 
The skeg "deployed":

The seat came out well, and I covered it with the traditional black spandex.
The glue-on footbrace mounting studs looked like they were too far aft because they were. I removed them with the heat gun & a chisel easily-almost too easily, making me wonder how strong an arrangement it was in the first place. That gave me some patch & repair work to do on the inside. I thought it would be an even bigger mess to put them in again, and harder to do with the boat closed up, so I decided to revert to through bolts. I carefully marked the location of the bulkhead, measured, and drilled into the foam bulkhead! Tried to make it work by carving out a space for the footbrace, but ended up removing the bulkhead, and going for a new plywood one.
Grab loops. I went for a bit of bamboo:

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