Monday, April 14, 2014

More Fiberglass & Epoxy

I decided on a "light" layup, with no "football-shaped" piece on the bottom. I actually considered using only one piece for the hull, but broke down and added two strips at the bow & stern. I nearly got this done without ripples, but still had some on the gunwales. I think I'm beginning to understand what causes them, but I can't quite describe it-some combination of saturation time, amount of epoxy, squeegeeing, etc. 
The inside deck went pretty well. I thought I had taped over most of the gaps, but still found some epoxy had dripped through.
Closing the clam. It was just as difficult to re-align the hull and deck as it was on the O.I. This time, I used "homemade" 4-ounce tape on the seams. as usual, considerable epoxy dribbled through the gap. When doing this on the O.I. build, I found that the "brush-on-a-stick" wouldn't quite fit to the ends of the bow & stern, so I made a "squeegee-on-a-stick":
This seemed to work a little better.

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