Monday, December 2, 2013

Milling The Strips

I decided to actually go for cove-and-bead strips, in hope that they might actually do something for the appearance. As expected, they caused a few "issues". 
Somehow, re-sawing 17-19' boards was easier last year. Vaclav recommends milling the strips a bit over 1/4" in thickness, and its a good plan-but its hard to center the re-saw blade, even when using a thin-kerf rip blade. I made a few blunders, and ended up with strips just 1/4" in thickness, after planing. this made it much more critical to cut the coves & beads exactly centered.
Router table setup for beads. This went fairly well, except that I had to re-check the setup every few strips. At one point, the router bit worked loose & launched!
Same setup for coves, but with the featherboard's positions reversed.

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