Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ram Island Again

I seem to have a Yearly Pattern: build a kayak in the winter, and do every paddle that I did last year again, in the new Kayak.
So having taken up a new the new hobby of geocaching during the winter, I use it for a reason to repeat my paddle routes of last year.
This time, I returned to Ram Island for a cache. The cache is placed on one of the small "extra" islands to the north of where the house is. I was pleased to see that the connecting sandbar was underwater at high tide, and The Mean Doggies did not appear.
I enjoyed the paddle, nonstop from Esker Pt. The OI sprinted across the busy channel nicely. Landing earned a few new scratches.

 Cache was an easy find. These two "little" islands don't seem so "little" when you're on them.

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