Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Even More Stripping

Having finally filled the boat up to the waterline strip, I decided that if I build another stripper, I will not use a waterline strip.

I posted this picture because I think it is the first stage where it finally begins to have some curvature and shape that suggests some kind of boat. The usual barrage of L-shaped brackets and clamps. I found that filament tape works well to hold the strips together. 
I'm surprised at how much easier is it to improvise on the second strip-job than the first. 

Also pleased that the strips from both sides came together fairly evenly, to a workable V shape.  I laid a 1/4" pine board down the keel line. Again, I found that if I followed the lines on the forms exactly, I came out with perceptible squiggles, so I stretched it straight down the keel line, and tacked it down with brads.

I also started planing the ends down to the forms. I have some  cypress strips that were for the shear clamps of my Hybrid-I may try making keel strips of them.

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