Sunday, June 3, 2012

Candlewood Lake

I recently learned that its Man-Made, a reserve reservoir for a hydroelectric plant, and that its only been there since the 1930's. "They" flooded a lightly populated area, including a few small villages, houses, cars, etc. It does have kind of a "new" look to it-quite a few coves, bays, sizable islands, and tiny no-name islands.
So, now its Backyards Of The Rich & Famous. Lotsa $$$ around there. New $$$. I didn't even bother to take any pictures of the Opulent Lakefront Mansions, because they totally lacked interest or style.
Put in at the State Boat Launch, on the edge of adjoining Squantz Pond. An amazing $13 to park. I was then stopped by an official who was there to prevent the spread of the Zebra Mussel. He asked: 1.Where I had been last with my kayak, 2. If I washed it after use, and 3. If I had been to any of the following places... He gave me two informative pamphlets that explained it all. It was the most "monitored" put-in ever!
A long paddle on a beautiful day. I went north about two miles, to a thing they call "Chicken Rock". People jump in here. There are also two ropes to swing from.
Lots of boat traffic. I learned today that Wakes Can Be Fun. If a boat is traveling the same general direction as you are, you can surf down the wakes, and use them for propulsion.

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