Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Deck Saga Contines

I actually did a little bit of "fairing while still building the deck. In retrospect, I should have gotten the alignment of the the strips a little closer, because while I never "ran out of wood', I had lots of wood to remove in some spots.

 I used shrink wrap and duct tape to glue the deck on. I should have started in the middle with the shrink tape, because the duct tape "let go" a little, causing a small gap to be filled.

 I made a "fairing board" of plywood that holds two half-sheets of sandpaper. After using Every Tool In The Shop, including my beloved cabinet scraper, and hated random orbit sander, I found that it works the best, albeit tediously. 

 It looked and felt pretty smooth. Yes, there are some glue lines, but I'm gonna just have to live with them.
Somehow, this boat looks shorter and fatter than my first build. It may be because the light-colored strips around the perimeter accentuate the curves?

The deck 'glassed. I had miscalculated fiberglass usage, and had to use two pieces. This time, I used a masking tape that (I hope) will remove cleanly, and not self-destruct.

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