Sunday, August 21, 2011

Self-Rescue Techniques, Ongoing

Watching YouTube videos doesn't do it. There is no substitute for practice. The practice is more difficult than I thought it would be. I go to the same "Maiden Voyage' lake for practice, because there aren't many people around to watch me founder. The first session:
"The Cowboy Scramble:   FAIL. I couldn't get my body high up enough on the boat without it flipping over on me.
"Re-Entry And Roll":   FAIL. I just couldn't figure it out.
"The Ladder":     PASS, (C minus). I managed to get it done, but the 'yak is awfully shaky when I'm on top of the rear deck.
"Paddle Float Re-Entry":   PASS.  I really dinged up my deck with the paddle, though. I discovered that I needed  to use the deck rigging to hold the paddle.
The second session:
"Paddle Float Re-Entry":  PASS. It got easier, once  I realized that you can do it more than one way, as long as you remember to keep leaning on the float side.
"Re-Entry And Roll":    FAIL. I'm going to need lessons.
"The Ladder":  PASS (B minus).  It works, but this boat bangs me up.
"Cowboy Scramble":  FAIL.  I think this works better in kayaks with higher initial stability.
Both times, I tried the self-emptying technique, where you lift the stern, and get the water out, and both times, the 'yak flips itself over, naturally. Most of the water comes out, but I go under. I think its because of the way my cheapo PFD rides up.
Well, at least I know one reliable way to get back in if I ditch.

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