Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Maiden Voyage

The Big Day arrives. Cloudy & chilly, but I am undeterred.

The car top arrangement works really well. Rock-steady. I love it when technical plans actually work out!

 Sitting on the shore of my favorite "secret" lake in E--- L----

Surprising easy to carry. Still getting the hang of where the ends are, though.

Great to paddle! I actually shouted back to my friend "Damn, this thing is FAST!"

Odd facial expression due to cool air and cooler water.

I was profoundly impressed with the performance. Either because A: Its a very good kayak, B: Its my first  "good" kayak , or C: All Of The Above. It seemed to slice though the water effortlessly. My "no-work-cruising pace was twice as fast as the old 'yak, and at "sprint" pace, I felt like I could have pulled a water skier. As predicted, the Initial Stability was a little shaky, but that mainly seemed challenging only when getting in & out. On the water, it took 5 minutes to get used to. The Secondary Stability is awesome-I could touch the water with the cockpit coaming & not budge.
I'll have a new addiction this summer.....


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